@PIBFCU, check your inbox, you got mail.

The Press Information Bureau’s (PIB) online Fact Check Unit (FCU) account claimed that an article published by The Wire, and authored by two IFF staffers, is misleading. The article, published on April 20, 2023, was based on the information received in response to an RTI request filed by the IFF, pertaining to information relating to the PIB’s FCU. In response to the claim that the article is misleading, The Wire, with assistance from IFF staffers, published a response to the claim on April 21, 2023, scrutinising and challenging the claim. Further, IFF sent a letter to the PIB FCU asking them to communicate a clarification on the claim, among other requests.

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Good work! BTW, the links to the 2 Wire articles are broken. Here are the fixed ones: