Proactive transparency reports link outdated

Hey folks,
Seems like the link for Pro-active monthly disclosures ( is a bit outdated.
In any case host it on the website itself rather than send people to twitter who’d have to come back to the website anyways right? :slight_smile:

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Hi @tazz, let me ask staff to get to this. Also marking @Shivani @farkhanda and @sukhnidh :

The process and thinking we follow is here:

  1. Our page is [here and updated till FY 2020] ( end as per a graph. The update date for the page has not been reflected.

  2. It links to the forum where these details are updated monthly till December, 2020 and is available here. This is updated at the end of every month or about 40 days and published on twitter and then should be ported back to the forum. It takes up some time to do this and is not easy as it looks but we will try do this better on a monthly frequency.

  3. We do think its useful to continue posting on twitter since a lot of people don’t go through financial disclosures on the website. So that can be an additional channel we would like to maintain.

  4. In addition to this the filed returns are also available on Guidestar.

As we update the website what advice would you have for us? We can try and implement it to the best of our ability.