Protocol level blocking

I’ve recently noticed DoH and DoT packets are randomly getting dropped on BSNL mobile internet. some providers have blocked DNS over QUIC as well, and i’m not sure if ISP are blocking QUIC packets entirely.

Can this be considered as net neutrality violation? In general can blocking at a protocol level be categorized as Internet shutdowns/blocking and/or violation of net neutrality? Has this happened anytime in the past?

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Hi Anoop,

This is certainly a net neutrality violation. Here BSNL has been a consistent offender. However the DOT has not yet stepped towards the creation of an enforcement body. @Rohin_Garg

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I just posted a comment about a similar type of blocking that happens completely opaquely. The articles are old, so I think we would need to confirm if this type of blocking is still happening. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I don’t have Jio or any of the mentioned ISPs so I cannot test it out myself.

Can you please send some updates here once you’ve already found the answers? I also don’t have Jio or any of the mentioned ISPs but I am curious of how this will turn out. I think it will really be great to know it too.

Hathway inserts RST packets à la the Great Firewall of China. I use an ipfilter rule to get around it.