Quarantine Plans?

Hello all. I hope everyone is safe and isolated.

How do you plan to spend the quarantine? I’m looking forward to playing my Steam backlog, I have a ton of games.

I’ll also have time to work on my podcast, and I have a new synthesizer that I want to explore. I also want to get hands-on with some old electronics (a synth, a phone and a couple of tablets) maybe.

Tbh, my usual routine is quite isolated anyway, but I’ll be able to spend more time with my partner and play some couch-multiplayer games with her.

Considering the demographics of this forum, I’m curious what interesting hobbies some of you might have. Ham radio? Knot tying? Pickle making?


Hey Abhijit,

I am really glad you posted this message here. Our small (yet, brave) team at IFF has been availing a work from home policy and I am sure to get over cabin fever have found a whole range of wholesome activities. My own personal hobbies are centered around reading, contemporary art and running to 80s music or synth-wave.

To be honest, I am not finding much time for them as even now the pace of policy developments is not showing any signs of decreasing pace. Also, a whole lot of the organizational development and commitments made to members require us to work with discipline.

In the coming weeks, I am thinking of sharing some playlists here :slight_smile: but for now you can follow my instagram account that is devoted to some of my art fetishes (Yes, I follow back!).


Thank you for keeping at it during these times.

I’m not on insta unfortunately but interesting profile, especially to someone art-illiterate. The closest connection I have with art is with Van Gogh because of reading Lust for Life, one of my favorite books, while I was in college.

Quite funny how his paintings didn’t look special to me until I learnt about his life story, and then suddenly they looked exquisite. It was at that point that I realized how much context matters. I like the context you provide with your posts.

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Hahahaha! Don’t know about knot tying or pickle making but I am catching up on reading the multitudes of management books @aparatbar has sent over the months! (and of course work!)

My mum’s also making me do yoga (she’s a yoga instructor amongst other things) to keep me fit. Safe to say my legs have stopped working after Day 1! :stuck_out_tongue:


This is actually my normal life - all the conferences I go to. So, the only thing extra for me is to make video calls with the friends I am missing from different conferences.

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I’ll also have time to work on my podcast, and I have a new synthesizer that I want to explore.

Not sure if this is a breach of etiquette, but I thought I’d update this post.

My podcast is out, it’s called The Unsung. The latest episode is about computers and society so maybe the demographics of this forum will find it interesting?

All the music on the latest episode is done on my new synth as well, so goals met. :slight_smile: