Recommendations needed! Any credible documentary channels on YouTube?

Hey folks, lately I’ve gotten really into watching news documentaries around political crises in different parts of the world on YouTube and have mostly been watching stuff by DW documentaries and Vice News. Are there any other Youtube channels that y’all like / think I should check out? Please drop recommendations! :slight_smile:


Hey hey! That’s amazing. I will share my list of must watch documentaries along this thread.

But for now, if you are into news docus, you might find this series called Our World by BBC interesting.

You might find some on Al Jazeera English’s YouTube channel as well. Check this playlist out!

Have a great weekend! :slight_smile:


I haven’t watched all of them, but I’ve enjoyed a few of 101 India’s videos.


Hi Shivani, sorry I’m late to the party :laughing: I’ve been following the following channels for a very long time now and all I shall say is their research is top-notch and production quality is just mind-blowing, I would legit pay for their content. No particular order, but I’ll say that the first channel is by far the best on the list, I would rewatch his videos a 100 times and not get bored. Do let me know what you think of them!

  1. Lemmino
    I can’t start anywhere. This man is an absolute legend. His content is so beautifully made and so well researched, he makes most veteran researchers look like kids. This man has produced so many documentaries on so many interesting topics that I could write pages on each video. I’d highly recommend checking out his videos and starting of absolutely anywhere or any thing that hits you. If you ask me, start with these, ‘Grazed by the Apocalypse’, ‘The Great Silence’, and ‘The Battle of Los Angeles’.

  2. Coldfusion
    Posts a lot of in dept documentaries on the latest discoveries in various field, but mainly focused on AI, Tech/Bio-Tech, and stuff related to giant corporations. Oh and this guy has posted a lot of great documentaries on numerous companies and people. He’s covered topics like ‘Connection between Google and the CIA’, ‘Reversing Ageing’, and the '‘Enron Scandal’.

  3. PolyMatter
    This person’s presentation is really amazing. Can’t describe his content in any category, but he covers really really interesting topics such as stuff I have never heard about or could never possibly think of. He’s covered stuff like ‘Who’d succeed Kim-Jong-Un’, ‘How Somali pirates make money’, and the logistics of Banana Shipping in the video ‘How Container Ships Work’. Really cool stuff!


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