Report on Open Data and Privacy

Just been doing some research on how we can encourage governments to balance development interests (with the use of open data) with individual privacy and information security concerns. Here’s a playbook developed by Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center which is especially instructive. Would encourage people to check it out in their free time. It also tangibly captures many of the issues with how, we lawyers misconstrue or mischaracterise the data protection debate. Rooting our inputs in technological realities mixed with constitutional principles is an aspiration but it has to be met to intelligently discuss internet and technology governance in the age of smart cities and the internet of things.


On the privacy-conscientious use of mobile phone data

Here is another (policy) paper from my advisor (who is also a co-author of the report) that talks about different approaches that can be used for mobile phone data (specifically location data) and risks associated with them. But it can be extended to any timeseries dataset IMO.


This is just excellent Shubham, what are some of your top reccomendations on this? Also, what immediate changes in laws or policies would you suggest we can impact in India.

Much of IFF’s thinking comes from the 7 privacy principles over at

Thank you so much for sharing this Shubham! This is super helpful. I may take the liberty to reach out to you if I have any follow up questions.

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