Resignation from role of founder-trustee

IFF members and other community colleagues:

An update - I have given my notice of resignation from being a founder-trustee serving on the Internet Freedom Foundations’s board. A copy of my resignation notice as sent to the organisation is pasted below.


March 25, 2022

Subject: Notice of resignation from the Internet Freedom Foundation Trust


I hereby give my notice of resignation from the position of founder trustee and member of the board of trustees of the Internet Freedom Foundation charitable trust. In line with Clause 2.15 of the Trust Deed that established the Internet Freedom Foundation and governs all management matters, my resignation will take effect one month from today, i.e. it will be complete on April 24, 2022.

As a co-founder, trustee, and volunteer intimately involved in the establishment of this initiative, building on the landmark campaign, I am aware that IFF set itself an important mission and a high bar with respect to the campaign-supporting organisation it sought to be. I am thankful for having the opportunity to assist with this, and to have worked with several of you and IFF’s volunteers and staff as we have tried to match our founding vision.

I have shared with you that I believe IFF must alway reflect and honestly assess its functioning, strategy, collegiality with others in the sector, and transparency with its members and other community members. This requires an institutional culture of welcoming input and questions, along with striving to maintain transparency and open discussion.

I now feel it best to conclude my association with IFF as a founder trustee. I have laid out several of my concerns in my past correspondence with trustees. I hope that IFF’s management and team is able to reflect on and continue improving IFF, and that the organisation can truly help and empower the Indian internet freedom and digital rights community. That mission, and IFF’s potential role in it, continues to be crucial.

I wish you well, and look forward to working with you in other programmatic capacities and as part of our shared, wider Indian digital rights community.


Raman Jit Singh Chima
New Delhi.

Would appreciate it if you laid out your concerns here also, so that the community as a whole can also debate them. In my experience, IFF has always been fully open with its members/supporters, so it doesn’t feel right when there appears to be something left unsaid. Best regards,
CC: @aparatbar