Responses to the National Digital Health Mission public consultation

In response to RTI requests that we filed with the National Health Authority asking them to provide us with all the responses received in their public consultation on the NDHM, they have sent this document which has responses attached as annexures.

Would appreciate any and all feedback from people who can comb through these responses and do preliminary analysis.

Can you compare the NDHM draft with the DNA bill? This is because free flow of private health data along with clandestine collection of DNA data poses a huge risk. AI can be used to create services that can offer false and biased health warning and preliminary consultations to patients. Use of unregulated AI technologies can result in ‘exclusion’ of citizens from the healthcare and health insurance sector and denial of health services. We tend to forget that we are introducing all these hi-tech and big tech where over 90% of the population is not yet aware of data privacy and the invasive effects of digital technologies.

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I think my colleague @Rohin_Garg , who is working on both these issues will be able to respond more substantively here.

Hi @meavyhetal.

The regulation of health data is an important topic for us (for reasons such as those you have listed above), and so in the coming days we will be releasing various analyses and explainers on various facets of the emerging health data paradigm.

We had also been a part of the consultation process on the report of the Standing Committee on the DNA Bill, and our comments on the report should be finished up soon.

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