Smartwatches or digital handcuffs? Legal Notice to BECIL for it's tender to procure employee tracking smartwatches and a Covid-19 mass surveillance system #SaveOurPrivacy

Smartwatches or digital handcuffs? This is a question we found asking ourselves as we read @BECIL_India’s recent tender. We were shocked to find grave illegality and have put them to notice.

The tender is to procure several items (about 30) out of which two drew immediate concern. The first is a “Personnel Tracking GPS Solution” implemented through a “wrist watch/I-card/App” most possibly for medical professionals. It is illegal & incredibly disturbing. The second item is a classic mass surveillance system under the guise of a, “Covid–19 Patient Tracking Tool”. As @harari_yuval has repeatedly warned the pandemic may reduce democratic rights through invasive technology. This is it!

This is not the first time we have sent a legal notice to @BECIL_India. In the past we pushed back against the Social Media Communication Hub. Subsequent to this @MahuaMoitra approached the Supreme Court leading to its recall. You can read more and the notice on the link in the bio. For your convenience we have also created a set of info-graphics.


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Hear Apar talk about BECIL’s employee tracking smartwatches and the proposed COVID-19 mass surveillance systems.

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