Streamable and Imgur blocked by You Broadband & Vodafone


Since the past week, I cannot access streamable and imgur and it seems both are blocked by Vodafone and You Broadband.

Is this done based on a government order or is this a net neutrality violation?

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  1. We do not know. The government is claiming secrecy on all blocking orders.

  2. To us, as per the SC’s judgements, such orders need to be made public.

Can you file a report over at


on ACT, duckduckgo and imgur have been unblocked but not streamable. as for screcy around blocking orders, is a link i found from an article about TLS blocking in India from OONI. There is a clause about confidentiality. I am not aware of (and so are the ISPs conveniently) of any newer SC judgmenets changing those regulations.

Hey folks we have covered a tremendous amount of analysis around the secrecy of website blocking right here: