Supreme Court reserves order in petitions seeking restoration of 4G internet in Jammu & Kashmir

Today, the Supreme Court heard substantive arguments regarding the constitutionality and legality of internet restrictions in Jammu & Kashmir during the COVID-19 pandemic. These restrictions were imposed through orders issued under the Telecom Suspension Rules 2017 which directed Internet Service Providers to slow down mobile internet speed in Jammu & Kashmir to 2G only. These internet slowdown orders were challenged before the Supreme Court by the Foundation for Media Professionals, Private School Association of Jammu & Kashmir and Soayib Qureshi. During today’s hearing, counsels for the petitioners highlighted the impact of the internet slowdown on access to healthcare and education in the region and the Government sought to justify the restrictions by citing national security concerns. After hearing arguments for nearly three hours, the three judge bench has reserved judgement in the matter.

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