Telecom Spam, Antispam blockchain, data & privacy - When I first got the SMS, it was largely like anyother SMS spam. Unsolicited commercial communication, except the message included my name. May not be a big deal again, given name and number database is widespread. But this was a personalized message that read I owed the lender (whom I never had a relationship with) and I could now make a payment with their app.

Digging up on I found anti competitive concerns from other telemarketers over the new blockchain system, because the blockchain solution provider who licenses the compliance solution to 3 of 4 major telcos, also has interest in telemarketing and other telemarketers have moved to Delhi HC regarding it.

Delhi HC Case :-

What is not being spoken off here is - the privacy of users in the existing blockchain system if all SMS of 3 / 4 telcos pass through one entity’s infrastructure - Even if its comparing templates to messages and matching with consumer preferences. The lack of a detailed technology infrastructure architecture prevents anyone to do a privacy impact assessment of the solution.


Well you can always get to move to a new provider at the very least. I believe that there is more to expect when it comes to the other parts of the providers but they do need to work on that as well. This is why it is hard for them to come up with a general idea that they do love to put some effort on the signal they have in the long run. However, there are so many issues when it comes to the design and services and that is why they fall down in the end too.

More and more spammers are having databases and surprise surprise TRAI DND portal is down for months now!

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