The Adabdha Project

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share something my friend and I are working on. The Adabdha project is our COVID-19 initiative to help those stuck in locked-down areas in India and around the world.

Countries such as India are now on extended lockdown. Not only are most businesses closed but people aren’t even allowed to easily travel for emergencies, let alone essentials in certain zones. The process to acquire a “curfew pass” is extremely restricted and there’s no transparency around it. Even with the current relaxations, inter district and inter state travel requires multiple permissions and every authority seems to have their own paper/online method.

After the second lockdown extension @anomit and I decided to mash a couple of internal ideas and eventually to build this. Adabdha (aːdaːbdʱa:) in Sanskrit means unimpaired, unbroken and not deceived or tampered with. My past 3 years of full time work has been an effort to make systems secure, verifiable and auditable via blockchain.

The core tenet of this project is to offer a decentralized alternative to the traditionally accepted opaque process of granting of licenses and permissions, whether in the physical or the digital world. We are starting off with movement passes.

More details on how it works is on our whitepaper. A live demo is on:

This will require a community of experts to help us succeed in the mission and that brings me here. We have also open sourced the code on Github.

We need help making inroads into administrative and government machinery. Meanwhile, open to feedback and contributions to the project. :pray:




Thank you so much for posting this. We hope people on the forum get the time to send in comments given we at present lack the capacity of a policy technologist. Hopefully that may just be IFF’s next hire :smiley:


Thanks for the comment and looking forward to it. Although it looks like the need is now a lot less given the “unlock”, we will continue maintaining it and extend it to more general issues covered by the core tenet.


Thank you Swaroop! You may also want to check out a recent thread we opened on specific tech side projects.