The need to investigate the NSO Group, which was behind the Pegasus software, is now more than ever. #SaveOurPrivacy


According to a Hindustan Times report dated April 07, 2020, the NSO Group has created a surveillance application to track COVID-19 infected patients which they have been actively pitching to almost a dozen governments around the world to use. This is the same company which was behind the Pegasus software that was used to hack the Whatsapp applications of a substantial number of Indian citizens mainly journalists and human rights activists in May and June of 2019. Mindful of the potential harms of this COVID-19 application being used by the Indian government, we wrote to the Chief Ministers of Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh urging them to establish committees to investigate the Whatsapp hack. Our key recommendations were to include victim and expert testimony in the investigation which should be carried out in a transparent manner.

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