TWEETSTORM TODAY (12th August) 4 pm to 6 pm IST

Dear community,

We’re planning to do a tweetstorm around the use of spyware and malware today from 4 pm to 6 pm.

This is an urgent, important issue - as the Pegasus story in India is not new at all.

Yesterday, the parliament session ended without any discussion on Pegasus. But India deserves an answer.

The Pegasus scandal has targeted the very roots of our democracy. It has attacked journalists, civil society leaders, rights activists, lawyers, journalists, public officials including constitutional functionaries and opposition leaders.

Log in to, type out your opinions and tag us if you want! USE HASHTAGS: #InvestigatePegasus and #PegasusLeaks

Use our sample tweets and images to share the message on social media: Pegasus tweetstorm #InvestigatePegasus #PegasusLeaks – Google Drive


UPDATE: If you joined in, thank you. We made the hashtags trend, and were able to have a public conversation around the need for an independent investigation into the ‘Pegasus Project’ revelations, as well as around surveillance reform.

Many people chimed in and helped put the spotlight on the fundamental rights of Indian citizens to be free of such threats, the need for a serious and thoughtful response by the Government of India, and of course - the illegal nature of such hacking itself!