Understanding the Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill

Hi there,

This is Tanmay Singh, and I work as the Litigation Counsel at IFF.

Last week we held our first quarterly call for 2022. Over the call, we received feedback from our members and donors alike that we should conduct more calls to brief our community on issues that matter to them. Well, we heard you and are writing to invite you to attend our maiden effort towards creating more awareness around digital rights issues.

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Hi @Tanmay
In the call, will you also be discussing plans/strategies to push back against rushed passage of the bill? Thanks.
CC: @Rohin_Garg

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Hello sir,

Thank you for your question, as well as your constant support! We will discuss some possible steps that citizens and civil society can take in response to this Bill, keeping in the mind the fact that it is still at the bill stage, and has not been passed into a law just yet.


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Thanks for your prompt response @Tanmay

IMO, we need to try and push this to a Parliamentary committee with wider and deeper public consultations so that at least it is not passed in its current highly egregious form.

One approach is a representation to this effect by a broad coalition of concerned civil society organizations with adequate press coverage for the same.

I am counting on you folks to come up with any and all creative ways to stall rushed passage of the bill into law!

PS. I may not be able to attend the call tomorrow, hence this verbose response.

Thanks again!

CC: @Rohin_Garg @aparatbar

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We’ll miss you at the call!

But if you are able to join us, please do voice your suggestions and inputs.