UOI seeks a transfer of cases challenging IT Rules, 2021

The Supreme Court has listed a transfer petition filed by the Union of India before an appropriate bench on 16th July, 2021. In the transfer petition, the Union of India has asked the Supreme Court to transfer before itself four cases pending before the Delhi High Court and the Kerala High Court where the constitutionality of IT Rules, 2021 has been challenged. LiveLaw Media Pvt. Ltd. (“LiveLaw”) is a petitioner in one of those cases and is now one of the respondents to the transfer petition. Crucially, SC did not stay the order of Kerala High Court restraining Union of India from taking coercive action against LiveLaw under Part III of IT Rules, 2021. In the proceedings before the Supreme Court, LiveLaw was represented by Senior Advocate Mr Arvind Datar. IFF also provided legal assistance to LiveLaw.

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