Updated list of websites blocked by ACT Fibernet

Hi all,

I had earlier compiled a list of more than 3,000 websites known to be blocked by ACT Fibernet. The list is available on this GitHub repository. It has some known limitations:

  1. It is not full or exhaustive, owing in part to the technique and input used for testing.

  2. It does not include blocked subdomains. ACT Fibernet appears to block the root domain for an offending website, as well as any subdomains under the root. As a result of this, it is unknown whether the root domains included in this list themselves host any ostensibly offending content.

  3. At any given time, the live list may have a very small number of false positives, owing to the frequency with which ACT Fibernet purges websites from their internal block list. To get around this, I plan to soon set up infrastructure to automatically run the test at least once a day.

This list was most recently updated in April.

I hope you all find it useful! Please feel free to ask questions here, or create an issue on GitHub.

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Please run OONI Probe from your LAN to continuously update the list of blocked domains, apart from the manual tests you will run.