Use of citizen email IDs for individual PR activity

Hello Forum,

Earlier today I received an email from Piyush Goyal’s IRCTC handle listing down the programmes present government has conducted for the welfare of Sikh community (in the purview of farmer protest against recent laws). I find this activity extremely disturbing in multiple ways;

A) It is communalising a citizen protest by highlighting a religious group

B) Ministry of Railways is using IRCTC account data for the activities that are not relevant to IRCTC services

C) With reference to Manubhai D. Shah vs Life Insurance Corporation Of India case, the government is using resources which no one else in the country has access to deliver personalised messages in efforts to uplift its position.

Would be curious to know if others too have received similar emails and how can we collectively express dissent to such practices


I have received numerous such emails.

Hey! Try changing your email id to something like this: [email protected] to [email protected]. Both point to the same mailbox but you’ll know from where your mail id’s are leaked/acquired from.

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