Watch the Watchmen Series Part 1 : The National Intelligence Grid

The National Intelligence Grid, better known as NATGRID, is an integrated IT solution which would allow user agencies to access data gathered from various databases such as credit and debit cards, tax, telecom, immigration, airlines and railway tickets, passports, driving licenses among others. It is being developed as a measure to help security agencies such as the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) etc. in tackling crime and terror threats in the country.

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In the first part of our new series on surveillance technology, we take a closer look at the National Intelligence Grid. Leave your thoughts below!


“NATGRID’s security framework has been designed to protect secrecy and privacy of information within the NATGRID system. The extant legal regime regarding privacy ipso-facto applies to NATGRID.”

Do we know what form this design took? Was there a Privacy Impact assessment conducted for eg?

Not that I know of and can’t ask because exempt from RTI.

Well the very purpose of the NATGRID is shady , but if this has to be implemented then it is must that the Data Privacy Protection Law should be in place so that common man is atleast assured he still has the right to question. what do you think ?

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I agree completely. A data protection law is the least that we require. We also need transparency in the functioning of the NATGRID itself and substantial surveillance law reform.