We write to Supreme Court e-Committee to improve eCourts

In 2015, the Supreme Court struck down S. 66A of Information Technology Act, 2000. Yet the provision continues to be enforced. IFF along with Civic Data Labs (CDL) built Zombie Tracker by relying on data available on the eCourts platform to track the cases which included a charge under S. 66A.  While building the Zombie Tracker we faced difficulties on the eCourts platform which impeded our ability to conduct research. We, along with CDL, have now written to Hon’ble Justice Dhananjaya Y. Chandrachud, Chairperson of the e-Committee, Supreme Court of India. In the letter, we have highlighted the difficulties we faced on the eCourts platform and provided our recommendations in a hope that our efforts enable others to conduct data-driven research of judicial trends.

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