We wrote to the Mumbai Police asking them to review and amend their Social Media Order u/s 144 CrPC

In an Order u/s 144 CrPC, the Mumbai Police has cracked down upon social media use. The Order regulates content which could cause panic among the public and incite mistrust towards the government.

This order has been challenged in the High Court of Bombay in a Writ Petition filed by Mangal Prabhat Lodha, who is a sitting MLA from Malabar Hill and the BJP Mumbai President. In the writ petition, the order has been challenged on the basis that the order is vague and places restrictions on the right to free speech which are not reasonable.

The order has been challenged on the basis that it fails the proportionality test as required under K. S. Puttuswamy v Union of India. The petition also states that the order can be used to target innocent people or people who are critical of the government response and thus be used to oppress dissent. Since criticism and dissent is essential in a democracy and also protected under the Constitution, the petition seeks to get the impugned order quashed.

However, it is also pertinent to note that misuse of S.144 of CrPC has become aa disturbing trend over the years.

Do you think such crack down on social media use is helpful in curbing disinformation?