Webinar | Action Art: Activating Virtual Spaces for collaboration and activism | June 19, 2020, 6:00PM IST

Webinar by the Internet Freedom Foundation

Visual depictions of rights based assertions are incredible catalysts to engage and grow audiences. We want to focus on how online spaces are one of the few places where people can assemble and demand for rights in a Post Covid world. What are the challenges and opportunities for social sector organisations to work with online artists as vehicles of not just advocacy but civic education and social justice. Join Rachita Taneja, Padmini Ray-Murray and Kruttika Sussarla as they explore these issues.

Date & Time: 19th June, 2020 (Friday), 6:00PM

Speakers: Rachita Taneja, Padmini Ray Murray, Kruttika Susarla

Register here: https://blocksurvey.io/survey/1PfQfn62JSDjjyK4nuHoY5t21wKeuocLLm/5708fbb0-ad8e-4a39-a808-df9e2b213c75

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We will be live streaming the webinar on YouTube. Join us at 6PM IST here:

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