Webinar | Online Child Sexual Abuse Material: Choose Safety, Choose Privacy or Choose Both? | July 8, 2020, 7:30 PM IST

Webinar hosted by Internet Freedom Foundation and Aarmabh India

Join Bishaka Dutta from Point of View, Jeremy Malcolm from Prostasia Foundation, Amitabh Kumar from Social Media Matters & Uma Subramanian from The Aarambh India Initiative as they discuss on how to balance online child protection with digital rights - Does the negotiation between privacy & safety of children always involve a trade-off or can they go together?

Date & Time: July 8, 2020, Wednesday | 7:30 PM IST

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Here’s the webinar video recording in case you missed it! You can also watch all the webinars hosted by IFF on our YouTube channel.

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Just saw the entire video! Thanks for bringing this discussion! Much appreciate it!

Request: Could you please add links & details on the Youtube’s Video Description sectior for reference? The Panelist names were useful to Google and find their work, but a short link would be super-helpful! Thanks!

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“There’s a danger that the visceral awfulness of the child abuse blinds us to the civil liberties concerns,” said Sarah St.Vincent, a lawyer who specializes in digital rights. “Tools like this hand a great deal of power and discretion to the government. There need to be really strong checks and safeguards.”

The Child Rescue Coalition gives its technology for free to law enforcement agencies, and it is used by about 8,500 investigators in all 50 states. It’s used in 95 other countries, including Canada, the U.K. and Brazil. Since 2010, the nonprofit has trained about 12,000 law enforcement investigators globally.

NBC does a deep dive into the Child Protection System.

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