Webinar Series: Cyber Democracy | Labour Rights Violations and Surveillance with Tech | May 30, 2020, 7:00PM IST

Webinar hosted by Internet Freedom Foundation and Suno India supported by Youth Ki Awaaz

Rise of Employee Surveillance post COVID and Labour Rights Violations

COVID has changed how governments and companies across the world are interacting with technology. Employers are increasing pushing surveillance systems on employees as work from home begins the new normal. Other measures being taken are monitoring a gig worker’s body temperature. Many others are asking employees to download contact tracing apps. This session will look at some of these developments & how labor violations are occuring and how technology is accelerating it.

Event Timing: May 30, 2020, 07:00 PM IST

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Anupam Guha

Anupam Guha is an Assistant Professor at CPS (Centre for Policy Studies) and his work focuses on AI policy research. Dr. Guha’s arc of research started as a core AI researcher working in the intersection of language and vision who got interested in not just how humans solve complex problems but also how AI systems work and fail around these problems.

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Aditi Surie

Aditi Surie is a academic researcher with the Indian Institute of Human Settlements. Aditi’s current research investigates the nature and conditions of work in the life of urban residents bereft of state-sponsored work and social security. She is particularly focused on understanding how Silicon Valley tech companies, at the forefront of creating the ‘gig economy’ (like platforms of Uber and Ola cabs), impact Indian urban workers whose experiences do not rest easily with the Northern discourses associated with the gig economy.

Urvashi Aneja

Urvashi Aneja is Founding Director of Tandem Research. She works on the governance and sociology of emerging technology; southern partnerships for humanitarian and development assistance; and the power and politics of global civil society. Urvashi is also Associate Fellow at Chatham House and a columnist for the Indian Express. She has a PhD from the Department of Politics & International Relations, University of Oxford.

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Srinivas Kodali

Srinivas Kodali is an interdisciplinary researcher working on data, governance and internet. An avid supporter of digital rights, he is part of internet movements and communities advocating for open knowledge, privacy, cybersecurity, data standards and algorithmic accountability. Srinivas also hosts a podcast “Cyber Democracy" on Suno India.

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