What are the kind of digital events you want IFF to do?

Hi internet friends! :hugs:

Please tell me the kind of webinars / remote events you’d like to us to organise? What are things you want to learn about / talk about / think about? What is the format you’d like us to focus on? - a webinar, a lecture, a workshop, or something else entirely? Is there a vacuum that needs to be filled?

Let me know what you think! Any and all ideas are welcome! :blue_heart:


Hi Shivani,

Based off our conversations, I think we have some more ideas on some (creative!) panel ideas, but the format is still a challenge. Hopefully, we can also in future have some more fun webinars! Will be interesting to hear from the community here on what they would benefit from and would want us to do!!



Hello Ma’am,

Today BCI Chairman wrote to the CJI that 90% of the lawyers are unaware of the technology. This would be, unfortunately, a major hindrance to the digitalization of court work. This is a major setback for the society if lawyers would not be aware of technology how could they safeguard us.

IFF is doing great work in the field and I know there more needs to be done. I humbly request you to organize more webinars or workshops on intricacies of digital threats and the role of law.



Few ideas off the top of my head -
1)Webinar/lecture on - Why should I care about my privacy online? Nobody seems to care. (This can be posted on YouTube leading to long term visibility maybe?) leading to =>
2)Workshop on best practices, tools and plugins that one should use to protect their privacy online. (this could be a recurring thing that can be held at schools/colleges)
3) A general tech/law/design/hackathon on a particular topic? for eg we could quickly put together a hackathon on “how to could the govt make arogya setu better”. The idea behind this hackathon would be to create solutions and visuals that can be circulated to generate buzz and also be sent to the concerned authorities.