What are your Privacy Hacks?

GitHub - SimonBrazell/privacy-redirect: A simple web extension that redirects Twitter, YouTube, Instagram & Google Maps requests to privacy friendly alternatives. - is useful redirect of popular networked services.

What other privacy hacks do you use?


Thank you @srikanthlogic for this.

I don’t know if this would classify as a privacy “hack” per se, but two things I’ve made a part of my everyday digital life are: Using Brave (the browser) and not using Google as a search engine.


I don’t feel comfortable with Brave’s practices. The fact that they block ads on other websites but are willing to show their own ads to you as push notifications and on the home page doesn’t sit right with me. I prefer sticking with Firefox or chromium with an ad-blocker, anti-tracking guards, etc


Valid point @bit. They haven’t made push notifications mandatory for me yet (I can understand being irritated by them) and I have not enabled the Brave rewards bit on their home page - it remains thankfully inconspicuous enough. I suppose it works out for now :slight_smile:

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I find ClearURLs and extremely useful addon. It strips links like


down to


You avoid getting tracked and also end up sharing short and clean links.


I use DuckDuckGo app, and use their search engine on Firefox otherwise. I also use Privacy Badger by EFF, and AdNauseam on my laptop. Privacy Badger learns to block tracking cookies. AdNauseam confuses trackers by not allowing trackers to build an ad profile, by clicking on all ads.


so Brave recently introduced a video-calling feature, I thought lets check it out, turns out you can’t use the feature unless you have Brave Rewards turned on.

Here’s my setup: Browser=Waterfox (Firefox fork), Extensions= Privacy badger, ClearURL, I don’t care about cookies, Decentraleyes, LocalCDN (same work as Decentraleyes), Pop-up blocker, Search Engine=Ecosia


I do not recommend using Chromium browsers (like Brave or Edge). Because chrome engine dominates the internet and there should always be competition for our own good. Use browsers based on Gecko engine like Firefox.

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I see Brave as an experiment in current environment. Ads have become part of current internet. Current ads provide money to creators but their working is based on tracking. Brave is trying an option in ad landscape which dose not track but helps creators for content.

For non technical people who just want to do their work brave is nice. No need to setup all tracking protection default settings are good enough.

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My recommendations basics
Get a password manager
Firefox + uBlock Origin + LocalCDN + No script
If u want to invest some time in privacy


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