Which news media outlets do you follow?

I’m curious to know where do y’all get your everyday news from? specifically,

  • International
  • national/ regional

Only when something from r/worldnews pops up on the Reddit homepage or Twitter :man_facepalming:

For the longest time, it has been r/india + Twitter but earlier this year, I subscribed to The Hindu and that has been looking good. I have a shortcut on my phone to check for new stories in a single place so I’m a little more informed than before :newspaper:

How about you and everyone else here?


Twitter + BBC + Washington Post + Top Posts on r/worldnews + IRC

The Hindu + The Telegraph + r/india + The Wire + The Print + HW News + @fayedsouza on Instagram


For International I read - BBC World News, New York Times, Guardian, The Atlantic, and The NewYorker
For National I read - Indian Express, The Hindu, The Wire, Scroll, and sometimes The Print

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This is not a news outlet but I recommend Splainer to learn about the most important stories of the day without having to scroll endlessly through Twitter or Reddit out of FOMO.


Side note: Interesting tidbit about Splainer, it’s created by the same folks who were behind Broadsheet!


National/regional: 3 things by Indian expxress

International (Tech): Techmeme Ride Home

National + International: The Third Slip by Chuck & Tony

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