Why use Google analytics in https://internetfreedom.in

There are some privacy respecting self hosted analytics code like https://matomo.org
Why use the evil Google’s analytics on https://internetfreedom.in

Thank you for raising this. We have been testing out Plausible for about a month and are shifting to it within the next few days. Do let us know if you have any comments or feedback on the choice. This shift was a prior public commitment we have been able to fulfill with @TheJoker putting in more time in helping us get our technical systems sorted!

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@randominternet Thank you for bringing this up. we’ve successfully removed google analytics across all our sites/platforms and replaced it with plausible. we’re looking into self hosted version of plausible, along with possibly allowing public access to our analytics dashboard. This is a part of our continuous evaluation and shift towards adopting open and transparent tools/platforms wherever possible.

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@aparatbar @TheJoker Plausible looks like a good choice but as @TheJoker mentioned, self hosting is necessary.