Arbitrary bans and recourse?

My friend had posted a blog about a bicycle tour. I had kept the tab open, as I usually do.

Today, all of a sudden, it is blocked:

I can bypass it, but I find it aggravating that random sites are blocked without cause or recourse. The weebly main site seems reachable so it looks like they are blocking sub-domains of weebly?

What steps can I take when I find a site that is blocked at whim like this?


This is on rise. It is being done without any checks, not sure if these can be contested or warning/notices are sent to website owners either.

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Extremely arbitrary and senseless by the authorities, but no surprises there.

Weebly is a multi-site host, like WordPress. Users get to point to their blog. This is akin to blocking all blogs on because of one user.

Edit: looks like it’s unblocked again on ACT.


Can confirm that I can open it on ACT in Delhi.


Hi Abhijit. Thanks for reporting. Could you kindly tell us the name of your provider? We will follow up on the matter.

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@sidharth ACT Broadband, Bangalore.

@abhijit thank you so much. We will follow up on this.

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Also folks you can file your reports over at