Collection of Fingerprints for Passports

Hi All,

I had raised an RTI last year with the Ministry of External Affairs asking for the “section number and the text of such section of any Act, Rules or Notifications that governs the collection of fingerprints from Indian passport applicants.”

In response I was told that “The fingerprints/biometric of a passport applicant is taken at the time of receiving the passport application on the strength of a notification dated 22.08.2007 duly approved by the Cabinet, Government of India.”

I have searched the Gazette and the site of the MEA but could not find any such notification. I also filed a First Appeal against the response requesting a “complete electronic copy of the said notification” but the appeal was dismissed. Can anyone help? Do you know under what law is the collection of fingerprints from passport applicants authorised?

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Thanks for writing in. Why don’t you write in to [email protected], and we can set up a call to discuss this further?

Preliminarily, think we should file an appeal with Central Information Commission, but will need understand some details of the RTI and also the dates.