Data Privacy Awareness Card Game

Hi friends, knowing that all of you are interested in conversations around privacy and digital rights, could you take out some time to give feedback on a card game I designed for data privacy awareness in India?

Link to full project:

In this data-driven world, it is incredibly important for us to be aware of where our data is going and what the goals behind collecting our data are. Despite such a crying need, there is no concrete law in India that empowers citizens towards protecting their right to privacy. The Personal Data Protection Bill, which is being debated in a Joint Committee of Parliament, currently, promises provide a strong data protection structure for India. While the bill does seem to provide better protection for the personal data of citizens, it is a bill which promotes state and private interests even at the cost of our privacy.

‘Powerplay’ is a card game designed to build awareness about privacy among the citizens of India. The aim of the game is to maintain the balance between your character’s public and private data when the government infringes upon your privacy. It engages the players in privacy-themed contexts and allows them to play their data according to an event in the game. It creates an understanding of the innumerable ways our data is vulnerable to abuse by unknown forces including our government. The citizens also become aware of how the bill challenges our basic notions of privacy. It is an approach to make people realize their ‘Right to Privacy’ under Article 21 of the Constitution and address the widespread problem of low awareness about data privacy in general.

Do let me know what you think!


This is fantastic Ishita! We hope to play it one day!

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Read the post. The card game looks awesome. Where can I get the game to play? I would love to give it away to some folks who are against the idea of privacy :slight_smile:


Wow, the card game looks great and reading about the process you followed while designing the game was also very interesting!

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