'Draft Aadhaar (Authentication & Offline Verification) Regulations 2021

I wrote a short explainer on the technicalities referred to in the draft without touching upon regulations adding to the previous post on ofline use. I see 2 big areas of concern.

  1. ANCS - The implementation details aren’t available, and implementing a number capture service, while remaining optimally ignorant about authentication context is a hard problem.

  2. Deemed consent until explicitly revoked for any use is problematic. This is just legalizing what already on code.

Shall update with a response here soon, do share yours as well and we can send in good feedback to the regulations.


Thank you for flagging this Srikanth and the explainer provided. Many policy researchers will find it useful to premise their submissions to the rules.

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The UIDAI has published a summary of feedback recieved and has asked for counter comments due by 25.08.2021