Financial Disclosure: 2023

Financial Disclosure January 2023 :money_with_wings:

In January, we received INR 3,62,604 from one-time & recurring donors, & INR 2,00,000 from NC Media Networks in support of the work of the Digital Patrakar Defence Clinic. In total, we received INR 5,62,604. Our expenses for this month were INR 13,75,874

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Financial Disclosure January 2023 :money_with_wings:

In February, IFF received INR 2,89,876 in one-time and recurring donations. Our expenses this month were INR 8,40,828. We received no organisational donations this month.

When you donate to IFF, you support work that has real impact. This month we’ve:

:facepunch: Written to the Chairperson, NCPCR expressing concern over breach of students’ data through DIKSHA app.

:facepunch: Produced this video that unravels all the mysteries surrounding Digital India Bill (with a side of laughs)

:facepunch:Launched Panoptic Bangalore in collaboration with The News Minute, a report that tracks the growth of facial recognition technology in the city.

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