Help IFF draft its response to the Paper for development of Indian Artificial Intelligence Stack

IFF is drafting its response to the Paper for development of Indian Artificial Intelligence Stack. See details below.

Help us in drafting our response and leave your insights/ comments below.

The underlying concern is similar to this thread: The Need for an Algorithmic Accountability Bill in India?

I have gone through the doc but I am not able to understand for whom this stack is being created? Is it for government for its own AI solutions or is it for companies to implement their structure in this manner? Or the government is trying to build AI as a Service platform for industries?

Having said that, this doc is a lot of mumbo-jumbo(theory) about tech design for building AI. There is hardly anything there which makes sense for it to be discussed in public domain except there are point of interjections like

  • Enforces the usage of Government Public Key Infrastructure(PKI) services. Page 20, 5.1, last point.

  • Compatibility with National Knowledge Network(NKN). Page 29, 5.23, last point.

and some more.

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If you guys are still working on the draft…I think the Paper clearly mentions the challenges from 4.7 to 4.18. And the government should focus on these challenges, however, It doesn’t talk about how the ‘stack’ solves these issues.

Also, it’s unclear why the government need a stack for AI, unless it is planning to use AI/ML on the data it already had, which would be a huge privacy issue. The paper does talk about ‘consent’ and ‘federation’ in 5.3, but how are these issues solved?


Yes, we are still working on this. Thank you for your insight!

Figures like this in their paper hurt my eyes in ways I did not imagine