How are you folks keeping?

First, how are you folks keeping up? I wanted to share our own thinking around this terrible second wave and hoping it provides you some insight and comfort on what to expect from us in the following weeks. IFF is mindful of the terrible losses and the looming sense of tragedy and anger.

Self-care: IFF can only grow with a healthy body and mind. This focusses on our staff, lawyers and volunteers who have championed digital rights through this pandemic. Taking into account their health we have instituted a wide set of measures and dealt with each staffer with care and sensitivity. Some of this is also reflective in prioritising existing projects and ensuring there is minimal stress and some small amount of certainty and comfort can be provided to colleagues who are active. We are retaining our juju ensuring IFF workgroups offer a smile in shared, digital spaces.

Work to serve: We decided to prioritise and continue work as high points in pandemics are historically periods when rights are most at risk. IFF will continue demanding accountability. This will be while keeping health and safety in our minds and more importantly reflective in our actions. It tangibly means working and prioritising work on the verticals of digital health services with a focus on inclusiveness and protection of medical data. Second, you will see greater focus on issues of cyber security as we need to ensure Indians can conduct their remote work safely in online environments. Third, digital rights now envelopes a large area; while IFF will continue to work on them in the next two weeks, we will be bit more cautious to take over new projects over the next two weeks. We want to do our work effectively and from a position of strength.

Scaling back on the non-essential: Prioritisation also means deferring actions that can be placed on hold. For instance, IFF was co-hosting a virtual event this weekend on Digital Health that was receiving registrations and a positive response with more than a hundred attendee signups over two days. However, considering how peoples energies are right now, rightfully focussed on emergency medical response we have deferred it. Panels and webinars can wait for now. People need oxygen, medical care and all of us need to step in volunteer and contribute wherever we can.

These are just some small steps we are taking to the ensure that IFF’s values of community oriented digital rights advocacy proceeds with sensitivity and strength. If you have some ideas or feedback, we are always listening.

I wish strength and health to all of us, our friends and families. We will overcome.