Indore Collector's welcome response - problematic paragraph repealed

We came across an Order issued by the Collector for the district of Indore, Madhya Pradesh under Section 144(1) of Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (CrPC). The Order under paragraph 7 prohibited “comments made on Social Media platforms related to breaking of Corona transmission chain in an unrestrained manner” and threatened prosecution for non-compliance.  We filed an application under Section 144(5) of CrPC to the Collector seeking withdrawal of this overbroad Order given that it stifles freedom of speech over the internet. Today, in a major victory for constitutional values and free speech in the pandemic, the Collector, Indore issued another order under S.144(6) CrPC repealing paragraph 7 of the previous order, and replacing it with clearer and more specific language, limiting the prohibition only to "messages or posts on social media that pose a danger to public peace, law and order, and health of the public, and which violate existing covid protocols”

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