New ammendments to the IT Act and how it might affect art platforms

There are multiple user reports on proposed ammendemnts to the IT act however their seems to be no clear indication where they are headed with this law. A indian express interview stated that the new law will increase intermediatary liabilty for content present and posted on their platform. Intermediataries might require proactive monitoring of illeagal content such as nudity pornography and messages that spread yerror and disruption. What I want to ask would’nt this severeley impact artists online who might be posting nude art or perhaps own a portfolio with nude paintings on websites like artstation or behnace. Would like to know your responses

Link to indian express article.

The Indian Express: Centre starts talks for new IT law, looks at stalking to social media.

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Nudity has always been deemed an indecent conduct in our country, regardless of whether the content is available online. In India, consensual pornography is illegal. When it comes to adult art being posted on social media, intermediaries must have always been aware of such content being published, but unless the artist does not direct the art towards a specific person or creates a fabricated image defaming the other, intermediaries have never felt compelled to intervene. Now that the government has decided to make the internet a secure area, the question is how they will do it. What areas will they be responsible for policing? One approach to do this is to make firms liable for the material produced on their platform, which is nothing more than making the intermediaries do the work for them. They have begun enlisting volunteers to assist them in locating unethical content and submitting concerns to the compliance officer. It is little difficult to predict how much of the policing is going to happen manually & how much through algorithms, what would be the difference between both and whether what art would be considered insensitive and who would get offended by it. Got to wait and watch.