Panoptic Talks: The rise and rise of Facial Recognition in India. | Sept 30 | 5:30 PM

Join us for a round of Panoptic Talks tomorrow with the Centre for Internet and Society about the use of FRT in India.

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With us on the panel will be Amber Sinha, Shweta Mohandas, Pallavi Bedi and Aman Nair from CIS for a discussion of their research titled 'Facial Recognition in India’ detailing the present uses of FRT by government and law enforcement agencies, understanding the applicability of existing legal frameworks to the use of FRT, and defining key areas that need to be addressed when using the technology in India.

Plus: a brief look at how the coverage of FRT has increased beyond law enforcement — how it now covers education, employment, and medical services like vaccines.

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Join us today at 5:30 PM.

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