#PrivacyOfThePeople: The default in our phones

For our latest installment of the #PrivacyOfThePeople series, we’re bringing our analysis home and unpacking the privacy concerns arising from smartphones, specifically, those pesky default phone settings that slip under the radar – read on to learn more :arrow_heading_down:

Researchers have found that less than 5% of users change their default settings – an especially worrying statistic given that default settings increase one’s vulnerability to data breaches, security threats, & excessive data collection. Examples abound of mobile companies invading the privacy of users to advance business interests – companies that make the notable mentions list for such incursions in recent times include Realme, OnePlus, and Xiaomi. In light of such proclivities, in our blogpost we walk you through reconfiguring your smartphone settings step-by-step to address privacy concerns arising from your location history, ad personalisation, & app permissions.

Will the data protection bill address these concerns? Although reports suggest the Bill (to be tabled in the Monsoon session) is an updated version of the 2022 public draft, a preliminary reading of the latter suggests a focus on data processing rather than privacy.

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