Random suggestion

These are some suggestions that you guys might not need, but I will go ahead anyway!

  1. Umm… you guys need a mini-game, game idk whatever is possible, where privacy wins :trophy:. Now that I think about it, even a short story would do.
  2. You need to, I must emphasize, need to give away t-shirts to subscribers (which I think you guys already do) that say “I subscribed to IFF and got this lousy t-shirt” (Saw this on the internet, thought it would be cool to suggest) and on the back, it says “privacy rules”
  3. Oh-oh! and also the clichés like the Orwellian stuff big brother is watching you or we’ve got to out-privacy the government’s privacy policy.
  4. And also like exclusive merchs that can be bought and you can like invite quirky ideas and designs from people and then reward anything (subscriptions, publication,m or anything that seems possible) to the best one.
    Yes, I’ve got nothing to lose. :vulcan_salute::vulcan_salute:

Thank you Ravi, these are excellent ideas! We already have a card game called Powerplay, which was created by @ishitabegani! It is available exclusively for IFF members who have subscribed to the Internet Freedom Visionary tier. More details on how you can get the game, here.

On t-shirts, our resident fundraiser champ @farkhanda may or may not have exciting things brewing! :shushing_face: As for the merch store, give us a bit more time on that, our plates are full currently but this is definitely on our list. We’ll keep y’all posted here :smiley:


Yup yup, and if you’re interested at looking at what context the game is based on, you can check it out here - PowerPlay - India's First Privacy Awareness Card Game — Ishita Begani.