Read our response to the Niti Aayog's draft discussion paper on facial recognition technology

The Niti Aayog published the third paper in its series of publications on Responsible Artificial Intelligence (RAI) titled, ““Responsible AI for All: Adopting the Framework – A use case approach on Facial Recognition Technology”. The deadline for submission of comments on the paper was November 30, 2022. Read a summary of our response, which has been drafted in collaboration with Prof. Anupam Guha of IIT Bombay, below.

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The reply paper is extremely informative. There is so much tech. folks should learn from principles around how to build tech. The concept of explainability is never brought up in discussions at all and businesses only ask for detecting more features on the fly for e.g. skin / nudity etc. all highly error prone.

Thanks for the paper - lot to learn!