Request for Recommendations!

Hi Guys, I recently joined the IFF Community and became a monthly contributor, you can find my introduction here! and was looking for some guidance on the topics of Digital Rights and stuff. Being a law student, I was quite interested to know the various legislations and case laws with respect to the broader topic of Digital Rights and matters the IFF handles.

Could you guys give me any recommendations on where should this study of mine start? Courses, Books, discussions, anything! :slight_smile: Really eager to properly study this stuff and get involved in the discussion so that I can formulate informed decisions as well as participate in the discussions. I am also up for a discussion on call or anything!

Thank you guys for reading this till here!


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Hey Sidharth! So glad you’ve joined us here. I would definitely recommend Snowden’s Permanent Record! :smiley: @aparatbar, do drop more recommendations for Sidharth here! :slight_smile:


Hi Shivani, thank you! Will definitely check it out! :smile:

Sidharth, a screenshot my iBooks library for the community. This is only a part of a wider collection where most of my reading is done through a phisical library built over close to 20 years (since I was 14 years old or so). More detailed book reviews are contained here.

Nerd and proud!


Oh my! Thank you for sharing! Must have taken some time taking so many screenshots, thank you a ton! Will definitely check them out! :smile:

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