Scenario Building Workshop about Surveillance

Hello everyone! I am Tanu Sathaye, a design student from NID Ahmedabad. I recently worked with IFF on ‘Ban the Scan’, for which I made the comic about Facial Recognition Technology. I have also made a few illustrations for IFF in the past, as a volunteer.

I am currently working on my Graduation Thesis Project at NID, which is about promoting critical discourse about data privacy and surveillance in India. As part of research for my project, I’m taking ‘scenario building workshops’ with different groups of people, to think about the implications of surveillance.

I find that concepts of data privacy and surveillance can be quite abstract and it can be difficult to understand how increased surveillance can impact people’s lives. Through this workshop we speculate future scenarios and create stories centered around different people to think about how surveillance could impact their lives.

You can read this half page document to know more about the specifics of the workshop:
Workshop Description

I would really like to take this workshop with you, preferably anytime next week between Tuesday 30th November 2021 to Sunday 5th December 2021. The workshop will be an hour long, and will be done on Zoom. I would appreciate it if you could join and provide your valuable inputs, this will help me immensely. Let me know if you are interested, and what would be a convenient date and time for you.

Tanu Sathaye
[email protected]