State of Aadhaar deactivation and opt out after 2018 SC case? Is there no hope now?

Every time I try to get an update on this topic, I see nothing but 2018’s news articles stating something like “UIDAI executive said opting out is not permissible according to 2016 Aadhaar Act”, even for minors when they grow up. Did it all end there?

There was a news article that mentioned “UIDAI CEO said that Aadhaar deactivation server same purpose as opting out” and when asked about data on the server UIDAI dogded the question.

I was lured into Aadhaar as a minor. Schools “required” it for admission. Unfortunately, even used it for covid vaccine.
Now if I don’t update biometrics it will be deactivated in 3-4 months. Should I let it happen? Anyway my data will still be on UIDAI’s servers, right? Should I update and lock my biometrics then?

How retarded were those law makers had to be to prevent opting out of Aadhaar in our “democratic” country? Even for minors who were “lured” into this?

Hi arj, update and lock your biometrics to secure your information. While the lack of opting out is frustrating, for this, make sure your data is as protected as possible within the existing system. Also, stay informed about any changes in regulations and advocate for clearer privacy options in the future.