Surveillance in Hyderabad

With one CCTV camera for every 20 residents, Hyderabad has become the most surveilled city in India. I trace the journey of how Hyderabad got here from being an IT hub to a centre of deployment of surveillance tech.

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Hey! I read this yesterday. It’s a really well written and documented article. Terrifying, to say the least.

This is indeed exceedingly worrying. IFF has been tracking the use of facial recognition in the state since early this year.

Read our piece on use of facial recognition for voter verification in Telangana:

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Hi Varsha, nicely compiled article.

But the timing and starting introduction with a covid mask id, I felt should have been added in later paragraphs. As normal mainstream readers or susceptible people would read that line and think at that instant just another left wing article going with Muslim sentiment that he was tagged a fine for not wearing mask… before i proceed any further, our family of 4 except my mom (a semi) all are atheist, but do respect others beliefs. The incidents of people referred in article should have been a diverse set, if you couldn’t find diverse set of people who experienced it. Please do infer the same in article that there was racial injustice, maybe when many people read your article and ask questions maybe that will lead to same conclusion as UK, US.

you did not mention how few organizations with AI solutions said that they were thinking or getting out facial recognization business like IBM (correct me if i am wrong).