Survillence Capitalism - heard it?

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It is my first post and hope all members are safe and healthy.

It is great of have such a forum where privacy and how to protect digital rights are discussed in India. While I assume most of the members would be aware of survillence and its impact on individual’s life. Has anyone here read about Survillence Capitalism ? If yes, would like to know what can this forum and society can do with respect to on going litigation that this fourm can do to protect legal rights of citizens.

Troublesome part is of Survillence Capitalism is that it is being practicised by Tech MNCs to invade privacy of ordinary citizens. Would like to discuss more about it if anyone in fourm have read and experienced it.

For those of you who have not aware of it there is is extensive coverage about Survillence Capitalism in New York Times and how it affects individual’s life.



[email protected]@gle is the best example for the same.

This book has extensively covered it:

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