The Glass Room: Misinformation Edition

We are thrilled to announce that “The Glass Room: Misinformation Edition” is finally coming to Delhi✨ Join us for the launch on July 20, 2023 at Khoj Studios!

“The Glass Room” is an award-winning exhibition by Tactical Tech that has been featured by top-tier media houses & hosted in 61 countries :earth_asia:

The exhibition begins by guiding the audience through what misinformation is, why it’s shared, how it spreads, and deconstructs the role each individual user plays through our many clicks, likes, and shares. The exhibition then delves into the business models and design practices that come together to outmanoeuvre our best judgement and create environments ripe for the spread of viral false narratives, in turn normalising misinformation. It is designed to prompt reflection on how misinformation spreads in the digital age & impacts our culture, politics, & society.

For a fascinating journey through how the gatekeepers of technology influence our behaviour and opinions, join us for the launch on July 20 at Khoj or visit the self-learning installation anytime till July 30, 2023!

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