The Monsoon Session of the Parliament may commence after all! This is good news but

Today M Venkiah Naidu and Om Birla discussed the logistics of holding a Monsoon Parliament session. Multiple reports seem to suggest that the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha will take place on alternate days so that both the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha can use each others’ chambers to accommodate their members while following social distancing protocols.

However, earlier reports have suggested that this session might be a really protracted one and a lot of important topics which are eagerly needed to be dealt with might be given a pass. The most important of these is of course the much awaited discussion on the Personal Data Protection Bill currently being discussed by a Joint Parliamentary Committee, India’s COVID-19 response, and the Migrant Crisis.

If the working hours and days are reduced, it is most likely that the government might use the session to merely push through a few bills and ordinances which might help them avoid discussion on trickier issues.

What do you think?


Thank you Raghav for sharing the article. Really interesting. It’s good that they’re making proper attempts at resuming their functions, albeit not at the same force pre-covid. One might seem tempted in thinking that they’re trying to push some agenda and avoid important discussions, but I think it’s better to go slow and be safe rather than rush matters. I think this topic about the frequency of sessions and the quality of them should be considered after sometime, given how Covid has disrupted pretty much every aspect of our society!

Again, thank you for sharing the article!