Thoughts about Draft ODR report

Hi guys.

My name is Rohin, and I am a new member of the IFF team.

Recently, NITI AAYOG released the draft report of the Expert Committee on Online Dispute Resolution (which can be found here). We need to provide an input to the government on this, and we want to listen to your perspectives on this issue.

We believe that the adoption of ODR is a welcome move in light of the COVID 19 pandemic to help ensure the imparting of justice in the middle of a public health crisis. However, the report does seem to suffer from certain issues regarding digital inclusion, privacy, and the commodification of personal data.

The report in general seems to view the rollout of ODR through the lens of service delivery, whereas we feel the delivery of justice should be paramount.


Priority one: Debate in parliament and pass a data privacy law first.
Secondly, convene the parliament for discussing this draft.

Pushing through such changes with far-reaching implications during the pandemic is not the best practice.